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Company Overview
CMDBioscience, Inc is a computational biotechnology company that specializes in the use of computational methods to enable transformational peptide drug discovery. Clearly, in what has been referred to as the “information age”, the “digital age” and the “computer age”, computation will play an increasingly important role in peptide drug discovery. This is why CMDBioscience developed CMDInventus, a proprietary and one-of-a-kind computational peptide drug discovery platform. Based on fundamental biophysical and biochemical principles, and guided by the insights of our expert peptide design team, CMDInventus allows us to rationally and efficiently exploit the continually evolving biological "big data" explosion and drive the discovery of novel peptide drug candidates.

CMDBioscience is currently using CMDInventus to execute on two wholly owned programs aimed at discovering novel, multi-function peptide solutions for leukemia and lymphoma. CMDBioscience is also executing on a disease agnostic and stricture driven partnered drug discovery program. Finally, CMDBioscience is executing on revenue generating drug discovery collaborations with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

CMDBioscience continually seeks to drive innovative peptide drug discovery and build value through strategic partnering arrangements with leading companies and academic institutions.