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CMDBioscience Partners and Programs
CMDBioscience recognizes the importance of aggressive but focused business development and is committed to exploiting the full potential of CMDInventus. CMDBioscience is currently executing on three types of peptide drug discovery programs:

1. Wholly owned peptide drug discovery programs

Wholly owned programs integrate CMDInventus with the biological and clinical expertise of KOLs and involve risk and reward sharing, with CMDBioscience owning all IP. We are currently executing on two wholly owned programs in AML (stem cell therapy) and Lymphoma (immunotherapy) with KOLs from Washington University and the Mayo Clinic.

2. Partnered peptide drug discovery programs 
Partnered programs integrate CMDInventus with the complementary expertise of external companies and academic institutions and involve risk, reward and IP sharing. We are currently executing on a partnered program that is leveraging a proprietary protein-protein crystal structure.

3. Platform peptide drug discovery programs

Platform programs involve the use of CMDInventus to solve peptide drug discovery problems of interest to external pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions. We have executed on numerous platform programs and have provided value to our partners at every stage of the drug discovery chain (target analysis, hit identification, hit-to-lead optimization and lead optimization). Platform programs are typically structured to involve risk and reward sharing, exclusive IP ownership for external partners and success-based revenue generation for CMDBioscience.

While our primary focus is on progressing our wholly owned stem cell mobilization and immuno-oncology programs in AML and lymphoma, we are interested in learning about other partnering opportunities, especially from prospective platform partners.